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In the fast pace world of transit construction, Kenaidan’s superior ability has produced 30 years of award-winning transportation projects. This specialized expertise and extensive knowledge has allowed us to be a market leader in the transportation sector.

Kenaidan has a long history in airport construction. We have successfully completed challenging projects under the strict security standards of Transport Canada. Our experience extends to understanding the operational safety, logistic and security protocols in an active airport.


• Station buildings
• Parking structures
• Passenger train platform
• Track & wayside facilities
• Bridge over rail
• Pedestrian tunnels
• Bus facilities

• Passenger boarding bridges
• Terminal building improvements
• Apron & runway improvements
• Security screening facilities
• De-icing facilities
• Emergency support infrastructure
• Airport operation support facilities

Barrie Transit

Bus OMF - P3

Guildwood Go Station

New Building & Platform Rehabilitation


Airside Bus Depot