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Coquitlam Water Supply UV Disinfection Facility

Coquitlam, BC

Client:  Metro Vancouver
Delivery Model: Design-Bid-Build
Prime Consultant:  Ausenco Engineering Canada Inc.
Value:  $60.7 million
Completion: February 2014

To expand and upgrade the existing water treatment plant facility, the scope of this project included the construction of a new Ultraviolet Disinfection (UVD) Facility, new Operation and Maintenance Centre (OMC), and upgrades to the existing ozonation plant.

The plant additions were constructed in challenging conditions while working around a live operational plant. The contract involved civil, architectural, structural, mechanical, instrumentation, controls, and electrical works. The main excavation was completed in extremely close proximity to the existing infrastructure. Due to the ground critical location, a full 25 m secant pile wall was done to accommodate 12 m excavation. Large underground (over 2.4 m diameter) watermains and a large reinforced concrete underground valve chamber were installed within the site.

Environmental stewardship was a critical part of the project. Impacts on the surrounding watershed areas, especially on air quality, trees, plants, waterways, wild life and aquatic life had to be minimal. Soil, water sampling, and extensive treatment system were required before discharge into existing streams.