Founder of Kenaidan Contracting Ltd.

Ken Smith 1954 - 1996


Ken Smith exemplified Kenaidan's original business philosophy: to work hard, operate with integrity, and have fun. He took pride in Kenaidan's teambuilding spirit: the annual corporate trip, our baseball teams, and the in-house triathlon competitions. He was an eager participant and encouraged others to join in. We miss Ken "the vacuum" Smith at third base, the sound of "Yee ha!" in the gym, and the Saturday Night Live host on our trips.

Our corporate logo has a black line beneath Ken's name to commemorate his contribution as both an outstanding leader and cherished friend. "Team Kenaidan" lost a key player and leader. We continue to strive for success in his absence. We want to make Ken proud.   

Kenaidan Contracting Ltd.


Kenaidan Contracting Ltd.