Kenaidan New Office Building - Design Build
Client:  Derrycrest Investments Ltd.
Prime Consultant:  IBI Group Architects
Value:  $20.8 million
Concrete Formwork & Placement: Self-Performed


The state-of-the-art 4,300 m2, 3-storey office provides much needed space for Team Kenaidan and will also accommodate future business growth.

With a focus on sustainability, the building is designed with open, airy, and dynamic work environments. The transparent and sustainable design will distinguish the building as LEED Gold certified, reinforcing Kenaidan's commitment to the environment. The building demonstrates the use of sustainable materials and responsible building construction methods.

The majority of the façade is glazed curtain wall and pre-cast concrete designed to allow a maximum amount of natural light to enter. The 4-storey atrium entrance promotes a very spacious and open character; making the building inviting on the inside as well as on the outside.

The building is also a showcase for our self-perform concrete capabilities with a variety of exposed concrete finishes for both the interior and exterior. Kenaidan self-performed 5,790 m3 of concrete and 14,950 m2 of formwork.

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