Newton Reservoir Seismic Upgrade
Client:  Greater Vancouver Water District 
Prime Consultant:  Greater Vancouver Water District 
Value:  $2.7 million   

The Newton Reservoir project involved a Seismic Upgrade to a 7,130 m2 2 cells Water reservoir. The project is located within a residential area in the City of Surrey, British Columbia.

The scope of the seismic upgrade work included the thickening of the interior perimeter walls through the application of shotcrete and the addition of a reinforced concrete slab on top of the existing interior concrete berm. The work also involved the installation of new foundations to support the structural steel housing. Other features included the installation of new curbs, gutters, catch basins, butterfly valve, Aluminum platforms and stairs, aluminum handrails, fencing and epoxy injection of cracks.

The project involved 2,200 m² of hydrodemolition, 600 m³ of concrete, 200m³ of shotcrete and 1,500 m² of formwork.  

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