Coquitlam Water Supply UV Disinfection Facility
Client:  Metro Vancouver
Prime Consultant:  Ausenco Sandwell
Value:  $53.3 million

The existing Coquitlam Water Treatment Plant provides approximately 370 ML/d of potable water or one third of the total water supply delivered in the Metro Vancouver region. As part of the expansion and upgrade of this facility, Kenaidan constructed a new Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection (UVD) Facility and a new Operation and Maintenance Centre (OMC). Other works included the installation of the associated underground large diameter (over 2.4m diameter) pipelines, construction of a large reinforced concrete underground valve chamber and upgrades to the existing Ozonation plant.

The project scope included civil, architectural, structural, mechanical, instrumentation, controls and electrical works. Environmental stewardship was a critical part of the project. Impacts on the surrounding watershed areas, especially on air quality, trees, plants, water ways, wild life and aquatic life had to be minimal and were major considerations before proceeding with construction activities.

This project was designed with numerous sustainable features and is targeting a LEED silver classification for the UVD and OMC buildings.

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