Obayashi Corporation

In 2011, Kenaidan joined the Obayashi global family of companies based in Tokyo, Japan.  This strategic partnership allows Kenaidan to utilize Obayashi's considerable experience, human resources, technology, and financial strength to participate in a greater number of large scale projects in Canada, particularly in infrastructure.

Obayashi's vast experience in Public Private Partnerships around the globe is a tremendous asset to Kenaidan's growth plans.  Consistent with Obayashi's relationship with its other subsidiaries, Kenaidan operates as an independent entity, with no change in its management team or business practices. 

Obayashi represents a 60% interest in Kenaidan, with the remaining 40% being employee owned.  Encouraging employee participation and cultivating a culture of ownership is crucial to Kenaidan's continued growth and success.

Following this ownership change, Kenaidan will continue to operate under the same name and with the same management structure. We are excited about the future opportunities that this transaction will bring about, and we believe that our partnership with a world-class company like Obayashi will improve the services we provide to our clients.