RC Harris Water Filtration Plant

R.C. Harris Water Filtration Plant
Client:  The City of Toronto
Prime Consultant:  CH2M Hill Canada Limited  
Value:  $65.4 million 

The project involved the construction of a Residue Management Facility at the edge of Lake Ontario, designed to treat the backwash water produced in the filtration of the lake water, at the R.C. Harris plant.  A diversion chamber to re-direct the existing effluent was installed to direct the flow to the new facility.  Due to the historical significance of the site and the existing buildings (a 1930's era Art-Deco structure), the entire new facility was installed below grade.  Among the many challenges of the 110-week project was the geometry of the site; the project site was located on a 30 degree slope between two existing structures.  Earth shoring was installed around the entire perimeter of the project, allowing for a 10-12 m deep excavation.  Approximately 100,000 m³ of material was excavated; the majority of which was removed from site by barge. Approximately 23,000 m³ of concrete was placed.

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