York University Office & Parking Structure

Client:  York University
Prime Consultant:  Robbie/Young & Wright Architects Inc.
Value:  $23.6 million
Concrete Formwork & Placement: 

This project commenced as a Construction Management Contract and was converted to a Guaranteed Maximum Price.  It is a 5-level multi-use facility located in the heart of the university. The building is a poured-in-place concrete structure clad in a limestone and aluminum curtain wall with a gross floor area of 29,500m² and is designed to accommodate 786 vehicles.  The office and common area is 5,000m², and accommodates 286 computer stations for students, a full service cafeteria, and the offices for the Department of Safety, Security and Parking Services (DSSPS) with space for 80 staff.

York University Office & Parking Structure
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