St. Lawrence Cement (Holcim Ltd.)

Client:  St. Lawrence Cement
Prime Consultant:  Consultec Ltd.
Value:  $4.6 million (6 contracts)
Concrete Formwork & Placement: 

St. Lawrence Cement is expanding its Ontario cement manufacturing operation located north east of Lakeshore and Winston Churchill Blvd in Mississauga.  St. Lawrence added a new vertical roller mill known as the Slag Mill.  Kenaidan's contract work was to build the concrete structures and foundations that will support the various buildings and equipment:

Contract #1 - Vertical Roller Mill Foundations
Contract #2 - Dump Hopper Foundations
Contract #3 - Conveyor Footings and Piers
Contract #4 - Elevator Shaft
Contract #5 - Electrical Building
Contract #6 - Hot Gas System Foundations

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