Iona Island WWTP Solids Handling Upgrade - Screening, Degritting and Thickening
Client:  Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District
Prime Consultant:  CH2M
Value:  $24 million 

This Solids Handling Upgrade requires construction of a primary sludge screening and degritting facility, a primary sludge thickener and pump building, an odour control system, and other related work. Due to its proximity to the Fraser River, the project team is implementing several environmental protection measures throughout the construction period.

The project also includes: soil densification, dewatering, excavation, site services, building mechanical installations, electrical distribution, instrumentation, and controls systems.  Interconnecting piping between the new and existing facilities mechanical, electrical, and other support systems is required. Coordination with other contractors and plant operators is another critical element of the project work.

Prior to building construction, an aggressive schedule was set for the removal of 27,000 m³ of preload sand and installation of approximately 5,000 timber piles to achieve the design soil densification. A deep well dewatering system was utilized to facilitate construction of utilities and deep foundations.

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