Annacis Island WWTP Stage V Phase 1 Expansion - CDAC Building
Client:  Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District
Prime Consultant:  Annacis Island Stage V Team
Value:  $13.2 million 

The CDAC (Computerized Data Acquisition and Control) Administration Building is being constructed as part of the Stage V Phase 1 expansion to increase the plant's capacity. The CDAC building will provide permanent accommodations for the programming staff as well as additional laboratory space required to process the increased volume of testing resulting from the Stage V expansion.

Initial demolition of the existing Chlorine Building is followed by construction of a new administration building. The building is a structural steel frame cladded with an aluminum composite panel system, utilizing five different colours. Dedicated venting systems, low e glass, and exterior solar shading provide for enhanced interior temperature and air quality control. 

The scope of work also includes: utilities and facility relocation, re-alignment of Thickener Street, yard piping, utility connection from the existing WPE/IPS tunnel to the new CDAC building, and pile driving for the foundation work to meet the seismic requirements of the building code.

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