Clarkson WWTP - Biogas Handling Upgrades
Client:  Regional Municipality of Peel
Prime Consultant:  AECOM
Value:  $9.3 million



The Clarkson Wastewater Treatment Plant is located along Lake Ontario in Mississauga. This project involved connecting a new gas storage holder to the existing digester gas system, and installation of gas conditioning and cogeneration units. The system will collect methane generated by organic solid wastes located in the wastewater digester. Electricity generated will be transferred to Clarkson's internal high voltage grid. Heat generated by the cogeneration will be used to offset the use of plant boilers used to keep the digestion tanks warm.

Kenaidan self-performed all mechanical work consisting of a new electrical power feed from the cogeneration facility to the plant's 27,600 volts power line; a new digester gas storage system including one flexible membrane gasholder, air fans, purge relief system, piping, and instrumentation; a new digester gas conveying pipeline, valving, and gas safety equipment and TSSA approval; installation of pre-purchased gas conditioning unit, cogeneration module, switchgear, and transformer; a new hot glycol/water pumping and circulation system and tie-in to existing heating system; relocation of existing site services; and SCADA system and hardware integration into the existing plant system.

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