Barrie Transit Bus Operations & Maintenance Facility - P3
Client:  MVT Canadian Bus, Inc.
Prime Consultant:  IBI Group Inc.
Value:  $21 million
Concrete Formwork & Placement: Self-Performed


The Barrie Transit Bus Operations and Maintenance facility is a Public Private Partnership (P3) contract, the first P3 contract for a public transit system in Canada. This project involved re-purposing and expanding the existing 8,361 m2 building to accommodate storage, operation, and maintenance services for the City of Barrie's public bus transit system.

Expansion of the facility provides additional space needed for service and maintenance bays as well as administration and employee spaces. Other functional spaces within the building include: indoor bus storage, washing and fuelling lanes, and fare collection area. Re-purposing of the building will require: demolition, recladding and re-roofing, electrical, communication and security systems, mechanical equipment including process piping and ductwork, hydronic heating system, fluid dispensing systems, and service equipment. Exterior work included: site services, exterior lighting, new parking area, landscaping, and storm retention pond.

Kenaidan self-performed all concrete works, consisting of 1,400 m2 of formwork and placement of 2,440 m3 of concrete.

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