West Richmond Hill Pumping Station
Client:  Regional Municipality of York
Prime Consultant:  GHD Inc.
Value:  $26 million 

Located on the site of the existing South Richmond Hill Reservoir in the City of Vaughan, the West Richmond Hill Pumping Station project involves the construction of a new pumping station building and associated disinfection building. The pumping station will serve York Region's Pressure District zones 7 and 8 increasing the water treatment capacity to 40.7 ML/day and 43.9 ML/day respectively. The disinfection facility will use a combined chlorine gas and ammonia sulfate system to provide top-up disinfection to the reservoir feed. The existing reservoir and potable water service will remain operational during construction.

The work also involves: civil, chemical handling systems, yard piping, sanitary collection system, storm water management system, retaining walls, and landscaping. Mechanical work includes: process equipment, including 8 horizontal split case pumps, piping and surge control systems, instrumentation and controls, SCADA, HVAC, and building plumbing.

Kenaidan is self-performing all concrete works, consisting of 7,500 m2 of formwork and 6,600 m3 of concrete, and all mechanical installations.

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