houser_family_photo2.jpgThis year Kenaidan's CETA project assisted the Houser family from Dunnville, Ontario. The Houser's baby, Declan, now 1 year old, was diagnosed with hypo plastic right heart syndrome, a rare type of congenital heart disease. As a result, Declan is dependent on a ventilator in order to breathe. He is also blind, has a pace maker and relies on numerous other machines, including an oxygen tank, to survive. Due to these complications the staff at Sick Kids Hospital advised that baby Declan's lung pressure was too high for him to undergo his second surgery. The family was told that he needed to be transitioned home until his situation improved. At the time, the family lived in an apartment and due to accessibility issues with Declan's medical equipment they moved into the home of their paternal grandparents. The home required necessary modifications to provide Declan with a suitable environment for his condition.

This was a short renovation project of only 3 weeks, and a lot needed to be done in that short amount of time.  Kenaidan's initiative was to renovate the following areas of their home in order to provide a better quality of life for this family:  installation of a gas furnace with a high efficiency filter; air conditioning unit - essential as Declan is constantly perspiring due to his heart failure; removing the existing carpet and replacing it with hard flooring; ceramic flooring; plumbing fixtures; access ramp and walkway; new electrical panel; new window coverings; painting; and a swing set for Declan's older brother Kingston.

A lot of people worked above and beyond to meet the deadline to bring baby Declan home from the hospital, and many were there to celebrate the homecoming of the family.  Suppliers, subcontractors, family and friends gathered to welcome the family to their renovated home.  We had the local fire department from Haldimand County volunteer to BBQ the donated food for this event. 

After the event, Myraka, Declan's mom, wrote the following in her blog:

"We are so blessed to have been chosen for this project and to have had so many wonderful people touch our lives. We have met some really inspiring people along the way that just love to help others, whose hearts are so big and warm."

... Kenaidan, thank you so much for making all this possible. To the sponsors for their generosity, the contractors for their hardwork and dedication. And to our friends and family that we can always count on. Your love and support is what has kept us from falling apart this past year. We love you all."

To learn more about the project and the project sponsors, visit the website: http://www.cetababydeclan.com/.

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