Care Enough To Act - CETA

CETA - Care Enough To Act

CETA stands for "Care Enough To Act", and is a critical element of Kenaidan's Core Values. CETA has an influence on our safety, environmental and social responsibility programs.

Workplace Safety

CETA is a core component of our approach to safety.  Everyone at Kenaidan is committed to working safely but the concept of CETA takes this further. CETA empowers all employees, regardless of where they are working or the work that they are performing, to take responsibility not only for their safety but the safety of everyone around them.  For instance if employees determine that someone is working in an unsafe manner or in an unsafe condition, they have to act.  This action can range from pointing out the unsafe work practice to the individual(s), reporting it to any member of site management, or to the Health and Safety Representative on site.  Depending on the severity of the issue, it may be necessary to stop work until a member of site management can assess the situation.

With the concept of CETA, our due diligence on site increases significantly, allowing us to improve our safety record and, most importantly, ensure that every worker returns home safe and healthy at the end of their work day.


Kenaidan recognizes that the protection of the environment is one of our major corporate responsibilities. It is a guiding principle in the operation of our business and a key component in the measurement of our business performance.  We are committed to providing a quality service in a manner that our potential impact on the environment. 

Kenaidan makes a commitment to the ecologically responsible use of natural resources and acknowledges the need to integrate environmental considerations with all facets of the construction process.  To demonstrate our leadership in establishing environmental standards, ecosystem objectives, environmental quality guidelines, and codes of practice we have had our Policy and Program registered to the ISO 14001-2004 standard.

Community Involvement

CETA is also a critical component of Kenaidan's Core Values. It is defined simply by caring enough to act and reaching out to intervene with issues or potential problems; CETA is making the extra effort to help someone else. 

Kenaidan understands that supporting local programs and organizations that make a profound difference in everyday lives builds strong communities, especially those in which we live and operate. We know that when these communities thrive, our employees and other stakeholders also benefit.  That's why we put our hearts, our support and our efforts behind projects that impact the lives of those that are in need of help. Our goal with our community projects is to organize and mobilize volunteers and corporate partners to make a difference.

CETA Projects

the_lavery_project_thumb.jpgThe Lavery Project


houser_family_photo_thumb.jpgThe Baby Declan Project



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