Building Information Modeling


Kenaidan believes that the use of building information modeling (BIM) on our projects helps us become better builders. Accessing digital data from design consultants or creating our own models from paper drawings allows us to minimize contingencies and produce accurate and competitive estimates.

Modeling construction sequences and navigating our virtual models gives us a better understanding of the design intent, and the risks associated with construction activities and how we can effectively minimize them. The use of Civil 3D applications and design data has increased the quality of our site layout and surveying. The level of coordination between design disciplines by collaborating and sharing 3D information with consultants and our sub trades is also improved.  Communication among project stakeholders, by providing a common view using compelling animation project simulations and walkthroughs is also benefitted.

We have identified issues and opportunities in design by modeling raw data from reports which allows us to propose changes, run clash detections, and conduct a simple visual inspection of the 3D model.  3D laser scanning technology and point cloud data in conjunction with our 3D design models is utilized because we believe this is the best way to record as built conditions and assess the impact of site conditions on the design. 

Overall we have saved time and money for our clients by taking advantage of the BIM process.  We understand the limitations of traditional design and document control process, and the value added benefits realized with adoption and implementation of BIM. We believe that this technology is shaping the landscape of our construction industry.

Kenaidan Contracting is actively supporting the use of the Building Information Modeling process in all our projects and industry. We are active members of BIM Canada Council and supporters of BIM educational programs in Ontario.