Green Lane Leachate Facility
Client:  City of Toronto
Prime Consultant:  Conestoga-Rovers & Associates
Value:  $8.7 million

This project included the construction of an addition to the existing pre-engineered building for new clarifier, ozone generator and contactor as well as expanding the existing green room and leachate treatment systems aeration, anoxic, and aerobic digester tanks.

Work also consisted of a new pre-cast electrical building and a new gas analyzer pre-cast building. Civil works included the construction of 1,380 m of 75 mm diameter HDPE treated effluent forcemain, 195 m of 300 mm diameter PVC storm line, 6 catch basins, and electrical ductbank. There is also one gas blower and flare #2 system, 1 LFG blower with pre-engineered shelter, and 240 split face architectural concrete block around methanol containment.

Kenaidan also coordinated the supply and installation of new process mechanical, electrical, communication, and instrumentation work.

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