Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant - Building D
Client:  City of Toronto
Prime Consultant:  Stantec Engineering
Value:  $87.8 million

The overall scope of the D Building upgrade included significant improvements to the preliminary process area, odour control, and ventilation and electrical systems.

The contract included new screens, a new grit removal system, and new handling and loading systems for screenings and grit. The project also included the realignment of existing conduits and construction of a new split flow conduit in order to improve treatment and flow management during major wet weather events. The odour control system for the D Building included a new biofilter with a dedicated stack. This system was selected following a one-year pilot test of biological odour control units. The project will also render the preliminary process areas compliant with the current electrical and fire protection standards due to the installation of new ventilation and electrical systems.

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