Our Approach

Since 1974, our business has been built on the cornerstone of customer satisfaction, repeat business, and endorsements.  Our uniqueness is evident in the way we appreciate what is important to our clients, and the trust and confidence they place in our hands.

We understand the practical constraints of time and budget, and respect our clients' fiscal and social responsibilities to stakeholders.  Partnering is not a separate formalized step in the building process; it is a traditional approach encompassing every aspect of our service. 

Value Engineering, the commitment to green building practices, sustainable design, and construction performance, are all important elements of our work plan for every project we undertake.  We utilize 4D modeling on all of our projects. Our use of Building Information Modeling (BIM)  supports our efforts in value engineering and allows us to analyze the constructability conflict aspects of the design and deliver effective solutions.

The safety of our employees, subcontractors, suppliers, clients, and the general public is our first priority.  A derivative of this philosophy is the establishment of  CETA (Care Enough To Act).   Kenaidan is also accredited under the COR (Certificate of Recognition) program, which promotes health and safety excellence, and is a driver of positive workplace behaviours and practices.

At Kenaidan, our emphasis is on teamwork, and we share one objective: to meet or exceed our clients' expectations.

Kenaidan Contracting Ltd.