Oakville South West WWTP Phase 3 Upgrades
Client:  Regional Municipality of Halton
Prime Consultant:  Stantec Engineering
Value:  $48 million
Concrete Formwork & Placement: Self-Performed Mechanical: Self-Performed

The Oakville South West WWTP is located on the shores of Lake Ontario in Oakville. The project consisted of the construction of two new plants including: new screen building which involved the installation of two bar screens, compactor and odour control unit; pump station including nine dry pit submersible pumps, and equalization storage tank with course bubble aeration and two blowers; flow split system including pinch valves, flow meter and equalization piping; primary tanks, aeration tanks and final tanks which included numerous gates of all types and 12 chain and flight systems, RAS pumps with metering and a new plant water system, chemical building which included ferric chloride feed  pumps and piping; administration building and its mechanical systems; and miscellaneous yard piping.

The new facilities tied in to the existing plant facilities, which was made possible with the with demolition and decommissioning of the existing pump station, bar screens and chemical building.

Kenaidan self-performed 31,000 m2 of formwork, 12,000 m3 of concrete, and all process mechanical installations.

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