Feature Project: R.L. Clark Water Treatment Plant - Architectural Upgrades


The R.L. Clark Water Treatment Plant, located in South Etobicoke, first opened in 1968. It was originally called the ‘Westerly Plant' but was later renamed after Ross Leopold Clark, a former Commissioner of Works in Toronto. The plant is nestled in a highly populated community bordered by park lands, residential homes, local businesses, the Humber College Lakeshore Campus, and Lake Ontario.

The City of Toronto treats over 1 billion litres of drinking water each day. This vital drinking water facility accounts for nearly 30% of Toronto's drinking water. The contract involves various upgrade improvements to the entire treatment plant including:

Architectural Building Improvements - removal and upgrading of existing architectural building elements.

Structural Improvements - structural rehabilitation of various buildings, replacement of ladders, railings, and platforms.

Civil & Landscaping - upgrading parking lots and access roads, fence rehabilitation, landscaping improvements around the various buildings, and courtyard renovation.

Electrical & Security - upgrading interior and exterior lighting and control systems.

General Building Improvements - upgrading HVAC, plumbing, service water, and drainage systems.

Construction began in August 2017 and is scheduled to be substantially completed by August 2019. The facility will remain fully operational throughout the duration of the contract.

Contract Services: Stipulated Lump Sum

Design Features:  

  • Replacement of existing exterior veneer with new architectural block and fibre reinforced panels
  • A new metal ceiling system to replace the old acoustic ceiling tile system
  • Lighting upgrades throughout the entire facility

Key Challenges:  

  • Construction work adjacent to a residential community
  • Working within a fully secure operational facility
  • Minimizing impact to plant operations with limited timeframes for process related work
  • Coordinating and scheduling activities with multiple trades throughout the entire plant