Feature Project: Gate 193 Expansion - Work Package 3A Arrivals Corridor South


The Gate 193 Expansion for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) is located in Terminal 1 at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. This expansion is necessary to meet the growing demand of travelers and consists of ground side and air side construction coordinated to allow passengers continued access to the terminal.

The contract includes construction of five new passenger boarding pods including boarding bridges and infrastructure, a new electrical building, and a new arrivals corridor as part of the upgrades. Construction is staged to avoid disruptions to GTAA passenger service and to minimize potential interference with airport operations.

An outbound escalator building is also included in the scope of work. In early March, the outbound escalator, which improves access to Pier G boarding gates, was turned over for passenger use. This was done through a great amount of team effort to install and test the escalator from groundside; transition the area to airside by moving the Primary Security Line; and prepping the area for passenger use.

"Since starting work, the Kenaidan project team has demonstrated a strong team approach in the delivery of this strategically important project for the GTAA. The project has proven to be very challenging with the multiple airport stakeholder requirements and the need for very close coordination with concurrent projects within the project boundaries," said Tony Crepinsek, Associate Director, Infrastructure Redevelopment for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority.

"Kenaidan has consistently demonstrated a true partnering approach with all involved, and because of that is successfully delivering this challenging project within the very aggressive project schedule."

"Every time I've been on site, it's been a true pleasure to see how well managed and organized this project has been. It's very obvious through the strong commitment of the project team and a true sense of pride in doing a great job that this new addition will be a success and will offer an improved level of passenger experience here at Pearson once completed. It's a true pleasure to work with Kenaidan's construction professionals."

Construction of the project began in June 2018 and is scheduled for completion in Summer 2019.

Key Challenges:  

  • Short schedule
  • Integrating major vendor equipment
  • Connecting to an active terminal operations
  • Coordination with two on-ongoing adjacent contractors
  • High security work environment