Feature Project: Beaufort Pumping Station and Reservoir Expansion


Kenaidan is currently constructing a new pumping station and reservoir located south of Dundas Street and north of Beaufort Drive in the City of Burlington. The project was tendered in May 2016 and awarded to Kenaidan in July 2016. Halton Region is replacing the existing reservoir and pumping station (constructed in 1974), to meet operational requirements for the existing service area, improve the security of water supply to customers, and provide additional capacity to service growth areas in Burlington to the year 2031.

The pumping station building is designed in "heritage home" style architecture to fit into the surrounding up-scale neighbourhood. The new pumping station will be rated at 63 L/s to meet the required flows for Burlington Zone 5 and future upgrades. The new reservoir, located slightly to the east of the existing one, will have a total operational volume of 6 ML. It will be concealed and integrated into the natural landscape of the surrounding area. The work also includes related watermain work.

In order to mitigate the impact to the neighbouring homes, and protect a mature tree line, a new microtunnelling process is being used to install a new 500 mm and 250 mm watermain within a narrow 3.0 m-wide easement. The microtunnelling process used on this project is different from the typical process. This dry system takes up less space and allows for work to be completed much quicker. It is also more environmentally friendly than traditional methods as it does not use any water or chemicals to liquefy the soil.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) was used on this project for the coordination of the work plan, design clarification assistance, creation of pour break drawings, and concrete quantities. The use of BIM was also instrumental in finding a solution to the constructability problem of building a critical wall between the pump station and reservoir, thereby allowing the project to move ahead.

The project is progressing well and is scheduled to be complete by August 2018.

Contract Services: Stipulated Lump Sum

Concrete: 3,238 m3

Formwork: 6,623 m2

Key Challenges:  

  • Installation of two new watermains through a narrow easement
  • Tight space onsite making deliveries (in particular rebar), parking, and concrete pours, challenging
  • Major changes were required to the design to comply with Burlington's building permit requirements, as well as, major grading changes, the addition of fire rated exits and stairs, and modifications to services entry points