Hanlan Transfer Pumping Station
Client:  Region of Peel
Prime Consultant:  GENIVAR 
Value:  $51.4 million
Concrete Formwork & Placement: Self-Performed

This project was an expansion of the existing facility and involved the construction of a 4 ML balance reservoir and a transfer pumping station to convey potable water to the Beckett-Sproule Reservoir in the City of Brampton. The installation consisted of the supply and installation of 3 pumping units, a transient suppressor system, a bi-fuel diesel generator with provisions for a second generator, miscellaneous modifications in the existing pumping station, and restoration work in the two existing reservoirs.

Kenaidan self-performed all concrete works consisting of 21,000 m² of formwork, and 7,000 m³ of concrete. 

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