Training Programs

Professional Development Program

Training ProgramsOur Professional Development Program focuses on customized development activities to meet the specific career needs of employees at various stages in their career.  Employees accumulate a targeted number of Professional Development Points each year to ensure continued development.  The program is built on the philosophy that development comes from many different sources beyond just the formal classroom setting; participants can design a plan that includes learning opportunities such as mentoring, peer reviews, coaching, internal audits, developing and delivering internal seminars, participating on industry committees, and volunteering in the community.

Foreman-in-Training Program (FIT)

The FIT program is aimed at hourly employees with the potential and drive to be promoted to forepersons.  Employees are selected based on a number of criteria, including communication skills, teamwork, and leadership. FIT candidates are required to complete a number of internal and external courses in areas of active supervision, communication, planning, and safety.  As employees advance through the training and gain work experience, they are promoted through different levels as Lead Hands and Junior level Foremen, before reaching the Foreman level.

Administrators Creating Excellence (ACE)

The Administrators Creating Excellence (ACE) learning program is designed to provide ongoing professional development to our administrative teams. The program is targeted at administrative positions in Finance, Office Administration, Business Development, Human Resources, and Project Management.

The program is ongoing and each year participants will attend diverse training classes tailored to specific needs. Topics include: Conflict Resolution, Continuous Improvement, Time Management, and Communication, among others. The program also includes a series of lunch-and-learn sessions that cover the different aspects of our business from Estimating to Project Close-Out. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to spend time visiting various departments in the office and job sites to observe how things happen.